Complete bank records

In business, to implement a project or long-term orientation, businesses (businesses) often have to invest a relatively large capital. Therefore, the annual loan mechanism for business and production loans often creates a significant pressure on debt repayment for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Currently, SMEs account for about 97% of our country’s total enterprises, making an important contribution to creating jobs for the labor force and increasing budget revenues … According to another report of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) ), the SME sector contributes nearly 50% of GDP in parallel with the amount of taxes and fees paid to the State accounting for more than 30% of the total budget revenue; accounting for 31% of the investment capital of the business community in general and, importantly, accounting for more than 50% of Vietnam’s total labor.

But there is a fact that despite the majority, the capacity of enterprises is not strong due to the size, prestige, small brand and some other limitations of management, production and business capacity … Before real Therefore, SMEs need to have some solutions such as investing in science and technology to improve their competitiveness, take advantage of opportunities from trade agreements, improve financial capacity, expand business … However, SMEs themselves understand that in order to achieve that, the most important is capital.

Understanding that difficulty, Dai Thinh Phat always accompanies to support clearance of capital bottlenecks for Enterprises. We will help you contact, support loan applications to the leading banks in Vietnam in the direction that is most beneficial to your Business.

What are the conditions for bank loans?

Customers who need to borrow from banks need to have full civil legal capacity and civil act capacity in accordance with current Vietnamese laws. Having financial capacity and clear sources of debt repayment to fulfill the obligations to the bank (with proof of monthly income). At the time of borrowing, the customer has no bad debt at any bank or other credit institutions. Documentation relating to collaterals or guarantees. In addition, when you want to borrow money from a bank, customers need to have documents proving the purpose of their loan to the bank.

Procedures for bank loans need to know the following information:

For individual bank loan application includes:

  1. Application for loan from a bank (according to the form of each bank).
  2. Documents proving income: Labor contract, Salary confirmation, Rental agreement, car rental, business license … of the borrower and co-debt payer.
  3. ID card / Passport, Household / KT3, Marriage certificate / Single certificate … of the borrower, spouse and guarantor (if any)
  4. Proof of property ownership
  5. Documents proving the purpose of capital use.
  6. Documents of the house, floor intended to be purchased (required procedures), Agreement or Contract of house purchase and sale made by 02 parties (if any).
  7. Or documents proving asset purchases, expenses for studying abroad … etc.