accounting services

Taxes and tax issues are always the top concern of businesses, every year many businesses are fined for not knowing the tax laws, or when having tax problems, they do not know. how to disassemble it. Therefore, based on the actual needs of customers, Dai Thinh Phat provides free accounting tax consulting services directly via phone:

(Call us at 0909577636 – 0932040636)

Dai Thinh Phat has a team of experienced, enthusiastic experts with the motto “Find Dai Thinh Phat – Find the answers” will bring you the most detailed consulting service, thoroughly solving the the tax issue you’re having.

Tax advisory services of Dai Thinh Phat:

  1. Advice on tax policy:

    – Registration tax code
    – Tax declaration
    – Taxpayer
    – Tax finalization
    – Tax exemptions
    – Receipts
    – Complaints and denunciations.
    – Common mistakes to avoid
    – Instructions for self-calculation, self-declaration and self-submission

  2. Set up the initial tax file:

    – Consulting, preparing records according to the form of the tax agency.
    – In the name of the chief accountant, buying invoices and accounting books
    – Contact, explain records at the request of the tax authorities.

    3. Monthly tax report:

    – Report on purchased and sold invoices and balance of purchased and sold vouchers
    – Prepare monthly tax report with software supporting businesses with 2-dimensional barcode
    – Print tax report (approve). Directly submit tax reports at the Tax Department

    4. Writing accounting books and tax settlement

    – Accounting and bookkeeping by accounting software
    – Solving arising problems, organizing to archive documents
    – Report on inventory import and export, supplies, goods and products
    – Annual depreciation of fixed assets. Payroll
    – Account balance sheet, account balance
    – Accounting balance sheet. Business results month / quarter / year
    – Cash flow statement (direct – indirect)
    – Prepare financial statements at the end of the year – Final settlement of corporate income tax.