Auditing service

Dai Thinh Phat’s Audit Department has more than 10 years of experience in providing assurance and appropriate services on the financial situation and business performance of each enterprise. We not only help customers meet the needs of compliance with obligations, Dai Thinh Phat’s audit service is also a powerful support tool in your domestic affairs such as: Administration, benchmarking, improve business efficiency, help identify opportunities and threats to a business or organization, provide intelligent insights and performance recommendations.

In addition, we support businesses to improve the quality of financial statements provided to the outside, assist customers in providing non-financial information to the outside in compliance with the law.

Audit services include:

  • Audit of financial statements according to law

  • Audit of basic construction

  • Audit of settlement of investment capital

  • Internal audit

  • Compliance audit

  • Audit works

  • Audit of financial statements for special and tax purposes

  • Review information on financial statements

  • Audit of the project finalization report completed

  • Check information on the basis of pre-agreed procedures

  • Review at the request of the enterprise for the process of restructuring, consolidation, splitting, merger and dissolution.

    The annual audit is conducted by preliminary audits and the audits end according to the schedule agreed with the customers.

Principles of independent audit of Dai Thinh Phat

  • Complying with Vietnamese laws, audit standards;
  • Comply with common regional and international standards and practices in the industry;
  • Comply with auditors’ professional ethics, ensuring the independence of professional operations, benefits and the truthfulness and objectivity of the independent audit activities;
  • Confidentiality of information of the audited units.